Why Programmers Should Buy Mechanical Keyboards

Five years ago I bought my first mechanical keyboard. I was using a generic low end Logitech keyboard for a while. One day, one of the feet broke. A couple days later some of the keys stopped working. Given that I type a lot, I also noticed that some keys felt a bit worn or […]

SSMS 2017 – How to Use The Hidden Dark Theme

I’ve always loved having dark themes and styling on any code editor or IDE when I’m doing development work. It just makes it so much easier on my eyes for some reason. I feel less tired and can do more work without getting eye aches or headaches. The discussion of Dark Themes vs Light Themes […]

Game Programming using Python & Pyglet – Part 1

TL;DR: Python is a great programming language that shines in readability and conciseness. It can be interesting to build a video game in Python. This is the first part of a tutorial series in game programming in Python. We will be setting up Python, Pyglet and PyCharm, as well as creating a very simple Pyglet application.   […]

Cryorig R1 Ultimate Review

What’s the point of having a decent desktop computer rig without any aesthetic value? Yes, looks are almost as important these days for most enthusiasts. I mean, who doesn’t love sparkly and shiny things? This is half the reason I opted to upgrade my entry level (yet perfectly fine) Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU […]